The aggrieved Divisional Chiefs of Gomoa Akeympim Traditional Area of the Central Region have vowed to uproot the Omanhene, Nana Obirifo Ahunako Ahor Ankobea II like cassava over alleged outright fraud and extortion of monies from his subjects.

According to them, Obirifo Ahor Ankobea has been tarnishing the image of the stool of Gomoa Akeympim Traditional Area as well as preventing investors from coming to the area due to his mismanagement and poor governance since his ascension to the throne as Omanhene.

Aggrieved Divisional Chiefs at a press conference to express their grievance against Omanhene his alleged disrespectful conduct shown to the chiefs within the Traditional Area, the Queen Mother of Gomoa Akeympim Traditional Area, Obaatampa Ama Edua I said Obirifo Ankobea has taken over all the lands within the area and is preventing people especially youth in the area to even do farming activities.

” The Omanhene’s has shown abysmal performance over the past 21 years. There is evidence of contempt and breach of tradition, outright fraud, mismanagement and poor governance adduced from the petition, palace records and incessant agitations and complaints from many communities in the Gomoa Akeympim Traditional Area” Obaatampa Edua stated.

According to Queen Mother, several petitions and invitation letters have been sent to Omanhene to meet them for him (Omanhen) to answer questions against his misconduct and disrespect shown towards the chiefs but this proved futile.

She revealed that the petitioners aver that they are the Ebusuapanyinfo of the Royal Asona Family to the Ahunako Black Stool of Gomoa Buduatta and elsewhere.

In view of this, according to her, they had resolved with effect from 24th April 2021, to dispense off the services of Obirifo Ahunako Ahor Ankobea II, who was nominated and selected by them from their Royal Family to the Ohagufo and Apakanhenfo to be installed and was installed as the Omanhene of Gomoa Akeympim Traditional Area in 2001.

Obaatampa Edua said based on these, the petitioners entreated the Ohagufo and Apakanhenfo to promptly initiate a process to ratify their decision to destool the Omanhen and dispense off his service to redeem the reputation of Gomoa Akeympim and save it from further embarrassment, down sliding and shame.

She hinted that the Omanhen snubbed the Ohagufo and Apakanhenfo by refusing to honor the invitation to dialogue with them, this according to her, constitutes a breach of his oath to his office to appear before them whenever invited.

Obaatampa Edua stated that the Omanhen may decide to delay for the petition to be processed through the Central Regional House of Chiefs and beyond. Gordon/ 2021