Social Commentator Kwame A plus has said that conveners of the #fixthecountry demonstration cannot ask for the country to be fixed and be afraid of the Police.

The #fixthecountry demonstration was fixed for May 9 at the Independence Square in Accra but the Police secured a restraining order against the demonstrators.

Live videos and photos from the Independence Square gave an indication that the Police was ready the crash the people of Ghana.

But reacting to the failure of the youth of Ghana to meet the Police squarely, A plus indicated that it’s imperative that they defy the oppressor because they are the institutions that need fixing.

He said “#Fixthecountry but you are scared of police arrest. If hundred thousand people move to the streets can the police arrest all of them? Can police shoot at a hundred thousand people? Let’s say fifty thousand people step out to protest peacefully. What can the police do? Kill fifty thousand people? It is our constitutional right to protest!!! And we must exercise it!!Listen Listen, When they see that number coming, they will even protect us and arrest me after the demo. I’m not afraid of arrest or jail!! After all, a statement will have been made. If I step out alone, it will be easy for them to pick up my skinny *ss and throw me in a police cell. Nothing will be achieved. That is why I need your support. If you want the country to be fixed you have to be part of a demonstration like how Akufo Addo and others led Kumepreko. We won’t seek any police permit. We just have to get on the street as they did during their campaigns in defiance of Covid-19 protocols and wait for the police to come and shoot us. Stop pampering enemies of the state. Forget about national security and police and all that nonsense!!! They are exactly what we want to fix!! Those institutions!!! They are oppressors who have to be resisted like our National anthem demands!!!”.

Source: 2021