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You snubbed Men in your prime when they wanted you, Now Photographers are using your body to play


The African Mermaid Sister Derby over the Weekend posted a Video of Two popular Photographers Identified as Twins dont beg

In the video, the two could be seen applying oil on the firm butt of Sister Derby. While we know that how most Photoshoot go, posting that Short snippet from the scene on social media doesnt seem normal

As Usual, Ghanaians are not treating her well as Most of the comment under the post are Abusive and inappropriate with some claiming she is depressed.

One comment even suggested that When Men after her in her Prime she turned them down now Photographers are the ones playing with her Body

The user wrote: “So she cant apply the oil herself, cheap celebrities, na so the world dey now that you are old Na so noooor, When Men wanted you when you were young you were raising shoulders now de3 Photographers they use your body play so sad

Click the link below to watch video




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