Popular TV personality Deloris Frimpong Manso prevalently known as ”Delay” has stunned rapper Amerado by turning down his proposition to be engaged on live TV.

While the two were having an intense discussion on a yet-to-be-broadcasted scene of the Delay Show, they veered into discussing relationship matters.

Amerado was of the view that he didn’t need any interruptions by unveiling his love life and later resolving issues that may emerge from it.

The rapper said as opposed to engaging in relationship drama, he was somewhat zeroing in his energies on making his brand known to the world so that he can be a better version of himself in a couple of years to come.

He then, at that point said it would not be stunning assuming he, chooses to settle with Delay since the sky was the limit.

Yet, to this, a frightened Delay said marriage among them would have been incomprehensible because of various elements.

Checkout the video below;