Radio and Television personality Captain Smart has chided the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for investing huge sums of money in an ultra-modern storey-building party office whiles Ghanaians of school-going age were suffering from schools under trees and lack of learning materials, reports

The National Democratic Congress(NDC) came under immense criticism when it emerged that the party spent fortunes whiles in power to put up their Headquarters at Adabraka in Accra.

According to Captain Smart, a portion of the money used for building the headquarters could have been invested into the fight against schools under trees.

But that was not the case because to him, |”in Ghana we build political parties instead of the country. instead of building the nation, we build our political congregation and leave the nation.

When school buildings were dilapidated and monarchically rotten, the NDC built a National Headquarters. By that time a school somewhere needed attention but they had 20 million dollars to build their headquarter”.

He said he wasn’t against the move to build a party headquarters but as a country, there is the need for priority in some areas of the country.

“Look at how much money we waste on elections. When a party is in power, look at the display of powerful billboards. If they claim they don’t use the taxpayer’s money, why don’t they do same when they are in opposition,” he asked.

Source: 2021