Loud mouth Media Personality Afia Schwarzenegger has finally replied Bhim Hype woman, Ayisha Modi after she threatened to deal with her over Moesha’s Issue.

A couple of days ago, Ayisha Modi revealed that she has called Moesha and that she is doing very well. She even went as far as threatening Moesha’s pastor, who she claim allegedly gave her a Bad oil and has brought demons from Nigeria to destroy the Girl.

However Afia claim any celebrity why claim to have called Moesha is a Liar and clout chaser. Ayisha yesterday replied Afia and according Ayisha if Afia dares her they will dirty themselves on social media and since she Ayisha herself is a Beef commissioner.

Today, in a live video, Afia Schwarzenegger has finally replied her and according to Afia, Ayisha is just a poor fellow who goes about bragging and borrowing money from People.

Watch video below