‘You Are A Foolish Being’

Nollywood actress, Uche Elenu has defended her decision to congratulate colleague actress, Nuella Njubigbo and Nuella’s rival, Sophia Williams, the estranged wife of Tchidi Chikere, Nuella’s alleged ex-husband.

It is alleged that Nuella and Tchidi Chikere’s marriage has hit the rocks and they have gone their separate ways, however, days after their alleged split, Nuella Chikere acquired a brand-new Lexus SUV worth millions of naira and Uche Elendu congratulated on her new achievement after Nuella flaunted it on social media.

However, in another news, Sophia Williams welcomed a new baby a few hours ago and after announcing the arrival of her baby girl, Uche Elendu congratulated for successful delivery.

She captioned;

I need just 200 people to welcome my baby into the world and tap God’s blessing from it.. especially the people seeking for the fruit of womb and believing God for marriage..
It’s bouncing baby girl 
I just can’t stop staring at her 😍
#i love my baby

Reacting to the news, Uche Elendu wrote;

Congratulations darling.. shes soo beautiful

However, an Instagram user identified as Dorcas Onyeoma kicked against her idea of congratulating both of them and urged her to take one side since the two actresses are rivals.

@ucheelendu Uche you are here already congratulating Sophia, in the afternoon it was Nuella you congratuled, biko where do you actually belong” the troll wrote.

Responding to Dorcas, Uche Elendu hurled insults at her and took her to the cleaners.

She wrote;

@dorcasonyeoma you’re indeed a foolish being, I don’t understand, do I look to you like a referee?? Please I don’t belong to any cult , Sophia is my friend and Nuella is not my enemy. Just Stop this crap right Now!! I can’t congratulate a colleague for an enviable gift?? R u alright??? Smh

Dorcas replied;

@ucheelendu Agu calm down biko 😂we understand ourself n we understand our friendship. You can’t make anyone your enemy for what biko? You have a right to congratulate anyone over n over again. Wetin self for this life wey God don over bless us

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Uche Elendu further defended her stance putting on record that she can’t be bullied for doing something good.

She wrote;

@divalioussophy1 my darling sis, i cant be bullied for being happy for someone and congratulating her, It is not a prerequisite for loyalty, I had to respond to the clout seeking individual cos I know her aim is to sow a seed of discord btw us, It will never work. We busy talking 💰 no time for hating. Love u💯❤️


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