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Police in the United Kingdom (UK) are reportedly on a search the thief of Darius, the Guinness World Record-holding largest rabbit in the world.

Reports say the Guinness World record holder, Darius was stolen from his home in Stoulton.

Darius is 4 ft 3 inches long, and weighs 50lbs, DGN Online understands.

“It is believed the Continental Giant rabbit was stolen from its enclosure in the garden of the property of its owners overnight on Saturday (10 April – 11 April),” according West Mercia Police in a statement Monday.

“The rabbit is quite unique in the fact it is 4ft in size and has been awarded a Guinness Record for being the biggest rabbit in the world,” the statement added.

Darius’ owner, Annette Edwards, has called for its return, offering a £1,000 ($1375) reward.

“A very sad day. Guinness world record Darius has been stolen from his home. The police are doing there best to find out who has taken him. There is a reward of a £1,000,” according to her in a tweet.

“Darius is [too] old to breed now. So please bring him back.”

DGN Online understands that Annette has owned several record breaking rabbits and used to tour UK with her enormous pet, dressing as Jessica Rabbit herself and even spending $16,000 on cosmetic surgery to achieve the look.

She had revealed to Today in a 2010 interview that Darius was insured for $1.6 million.


Source : dailyguidenetwork

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