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Women Who Spend On Men Expecting Marriage Are Either Ugly Or Overused


The ‘legendary’ Ghanaian counsellor, Geroge Lutterodt whose fame largely hinges on foolery such as the theme of this report, has returned to dabble in his identifiable blueprint.

Granting a new radio interview on Kastle FM, the self-styled emotional fixer said any woman who spends heavily on a man with the expectation of being married is either ugly, overused or lacking suitors.

‘If you’re a woman and you take care of a man and spend heavy on him with the expectation that he’ll marry you then that woman must be either ugly, overused or no one actually loves her,’ he blurted out.

‘Because if it’s true that you’re beautiful with all the vital statistics in place and your levels are appealing to a lot of men, you don’t sponsor a man to come and marry you, he added.

‘The only ones that we spend money on is the husband or wife that is we spend on those that we are legally married to. So during ordinary relationships you don’t have to spend too much on your lover he advised.

‘Anyone that spends heavily in an ordinary relationship is a big fool and you’re not civilized because in the first place you should have legitimacy in trying to give to somebody. If it’s a gift you know or if it’s help you are giving as a result of being an NGO or philanthropist we should also know he told the host.

Counselor Lutterodt finally concluded, ‘In a relationship, you can’t justify your giving and it doesn’t make sense to take care of someone and expect the person to marry you in return.’

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com

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