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Woman Breaks Silence After 8 Years


Why I Slit My Baby’s Throat: Woman Breaks Silence After 8 Years

A woman who shocked many when she slit her own baby’s through following an altercation with her lover, has broken her silence on the matter.

29-year-old Lousinonh Siziba made headlines back in 2014 following the horrific slaughter of her baby. Lousinonh revealed that when she committed the crime, she was mentally unbalanced as she was hearing voices instructing her to kill the baby.

She also said she was suffering from acute depression after her she was dumped by her boyfriend when she was pregnant. Lousinonh has been at the Mlondolozi Mental Health Prison in Bulawayo receiving counselling and therapy since 2014.

Speaking to B-Metro, Lousinonh said,

“I started suffering from serious depression when my boyfriend dumped me for having fallen pregnant and his decision meant that I was now supposed to meet all the expenses that had to do with my pregnancy.

She went on to say that after giving birth, the mental issues started getting worse, possibly indicating post-partum depression. She also started to have hallucinations.

“Soon after having given birth to my child, my family supported me, but I was being haunted by the fact that my child was going to be raised without a father which is something that I never dreamt of.”

She also narrated how events had transpired on the day that she killed her child,

“To be honest with you my brother, I still remember the whole process of how I killed my child, but the most painful part is I could not stop what I was doing. I remember taking a kitchen knife as I was in the kitchen and the defenceless child was on the floor.

“The voices instructed me to slit my child’s neck. My younger sister, who had gone to the well to fetch water, arrived and found me sitting in a pool of blood.”

“My younger sister ran away screaming and that is how the villagers discovered that something was wrong.

Lousinonh revealed that after her arrest, the lawyers who were assigned to her got her examined by psychiatrists. After she was determined to be suffering from a mental disease, they worked with the courts to have her committed at Mlondolozi Mental Health Prison in Bulawayo.

“I have been here for eight years and to be honest with you I can tell you that my first day here was not easy at all as most of the people thought I was a killer, but with time they got to understand me better.

“They gave me the medication that was recommended and at the same time I went through counselling sessions to help expedite my recovery and as we speak I am now part of the rehabilitation session at our station.”

She said that she is looking forward to eventually being reintegrated into society.

“The rehabilitation activities that I am exposed to are really helping me a lot in terms of reducing stress…I hope this is going to help me to fit well in the community once it’s recommended that I am now stable and ready to go back home.

“I sat for my Ordinary Level Mathematics examination in 2018 and I was able to get a C. I now have seven subjects at Ordinary Level. My aim now is to venture into Banking and Finance as a career,” she said.

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