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Why do you criticize only MPs when it comes to cars? Do you want them to walk?


Prominent journalist and lawyer Sammy Darko has wondered why Ghanaians have issues only when cars are to be bought for Members of Parliament(MPs) when they seem to have no qualms when cars are regularly bought for other groups of people by the state.

Reacting to criticism by some social media users following news that a loan of $28 million is to be used to purchase cars for Ghana’s parliamentarians, Mr. Darko questioned why the outrage is directed only at the Legislature while the Executive, the Judiciary and other groups of people routinely receive cars bought by the state.

“I don’t understand. Anytime we are to buy cars for MPs, people raise issues. Meanwhile, the executive buys cars plenty for ministers and deputy ministers both saloon and land cruisers and we don’t have problems. They even buy it for cheap when leaving office. Cars are bought for judges and justices, CEOs get official cars, we don’t have issues but the moment it’s MPs, we have issues. Can anyone explain why?” He quizzed.

But the MPs have consistently defended the need for them to have cars. For them, cars are indispensable in the execution of their duties as legislators which involve travelling back and forth on bad roads.

The government has secured a loan of 28million US Dollars or 165.2 million Ghana Cedis for the procurement of brand-new cross-country vehicles for all 275 Members of Ghana’s Parliament.

Finance Minister Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta tabled the proposal for the MPs which appears to be a “scratch my back I scratch your back” after the MPs yesterday, Tuesday, July 6, 2021, also approved $200 million additional funds from the World Bank for the government of Ghana.


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