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Who Will Implement Your Proposals If You Boycott IPAC? Koku


A former deputy general secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho, has opined that electoral reforms are part of our electoral processes, hence stakeholders should appreciate reforms.

He said political parties must always with the Electoral Commission (EC) especially, at IPAC and outline their concerns instead of boycotting the meeting.

He said reforms should not only be in the domain at IPAC because civil society groups could also share ideas.

He said we should not be knocking heads over refo9rms when we can have an opportunity to dialogue.

He said parties cannot boycott IPAC meetings and put out their proposals on the airwaves and expect the EC to implement.

To him, it would be proper for all parties to attend IPACX, express their disagreements and have them captured.

Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm he said ”Until the 2nd Coming of Christ, we all know that the EC of Ghana SHALL forever run the country’s elections! So, if you refuse to attend IPAC meetings & choose to put your proposals on the airwaves; with all due respect, who do you expect to implement your suggestions?”

On the issue of the proposal by the EC to close polls at 3:00 pm he said this is a proposal that could be done in Ghana because, in Benin, they close polls at 4:00 pm.

Mr. Anyidoho told the host that in Benin they close polls at 4 and distribute copies of the collation sheets to party representatives at the polling stations.

However, they’re not seen at the collation centres since only EC officials and police are seen there.

He said Ghanaians must cherish its electoral system but should also be prepared to accept new reforms to make the system better than it is today.

He said from time immemorial, the NDC has contributed to several reforms to make the electoral system in Ghana better.

He was also of the view that the EC should work with other stakeholders aside from the political parties in making Ghana’s electoral system better.

He stressed if a decision is taken at IPAC and you refused to go, how can your proposals be considered by the electoral management body.



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