Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central has hit back at his colleague lawmaker Alhassan Suhuyini who had accused him of attempting to evade the Privileges Committee of Parliament.

Kennedy Agyapong is facing charges of contempt of Parliament was scheduled to appear before the committee in August but he failed to make an appearance.

The MP for Tamale South initiated the process that led to the hauling of Kennedy Agyapong before the committee berated his colleague for not showing up.

He reasoned that his actions amount to disrespect of the committee and a sign that he was scared for the grilling he was going to face.

Suhuyini said, “I think it amounts to an act of cowardice, we have all known about this case for some time now, and looking at the bravery he shows, one would have thought that he will be eager to make himself available for the committee to serve him and for this matter to be dealt with and decided upon by the committee…so I find it quite disappointing that his bravery is only exhibited around that comfort zone around Madina.”

He further stressed, “I do not find any business that can be more important outside the jurisdiction of Parliament than this issue which is a very sensitive and important matter. I expect the committee to do a thorough job and present a clear report to the house. If you recall, the last time he appeared before such a committee, the recommendation wasn’t fully adopted and he got off the hook very easily. Many will be watching the committee to see how we proceed on this matter”.

Responding to him Net 2 TV’s ‘The Attitude’ on Friday, August 13, Kennedy Agyapong said that it is unwise for Suhuyini to make such assumptions.

Though the program he appeared was not design for such utterances, Kennedy Agyapong could not resist the urge to throw one at his colleague before returning to the main topic which was Honesty in the corporate world.

“Ghanaians should listen carefully before Suhuyini will come and make foolish comments. He says I’m running, who the hell is he for me to run from?” he quizzed.

On the topic of honesty, Kennedy Agyapong said “this canker stems from our culture. When someone commits an error, instead of punishing him to serve as a deterrent, you’ll have all kinds of persons apologizing for the person. We live in a country when there is a chief designated for such issues. I don’t blame them too much because what they see from their homes is what they pick because they think it’s normal until they get us to discuss this.”

“We are the cause of the employment in this country. Why are foreigners succeeding in this country? They are succeeding because the management staff are foreigners. Why can’t we do it ourselves? It’s because we are dishonest,” he said.

Kennedy Agyapong was referred to the committee by Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin after he was accused of contempt of Parliament over some remarks he made about Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor.

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