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The Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region has gained prominence in recent years due to the performance of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the District in the Parliamentary and Presidential elections. Known as the Sege Constituency, it was carved out of the Ada Constituency in 2004, and though a stronghold of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the NPP is steadily gaining grounds at a rate that the NDC fears it would lost the seat sooner than later. One major thing that is clear, according to sources of news available to My News is that most of the grassroots are not pleased with the performance of their current District Chief Executive, and are resolved to get him replaced by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Nana Addo. The multi billion question that is yet to be answered is who picks the mantle from the so called non- performing DCE?

One cannot mention Ada West District without making reference to the current Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Divine Otoo Agorhom, who has been a Parliamentary Candidate for the Sege Constituency for three consecutive times, but lost on all his attempts (2008, 2012, 2016). After his failed attempts to gain political power in the District, Divine Agorhom decided to try his fortunes out of the confines of the District, and in 2018, he contested and won the Greater Accra Regional Chairmanship slot for the party, and one would have thought that at that instance, the people of Ada West District were going to be free, little did they know that was the beginning of political oppression in Sege. A post election report written by the NPP Parliamentary candidate in the just ended 2020 elections highlighted the machinations of Divine Agorhom to ruin the fortunes of the NPP in the District, and it was not surprising that the NPP lost many seats in the Greater Accra Region under his tutelage. He was accused of bedding with the NDC against the NPP Candidate in the 2020 elections. The defeated PC wrote in her report that the impact of the regional chairman of the NPP,

Mr. Divine Otoo Agorhom could not be over echoed in accounting for their defeat as he played a monumental role in ensuring that the Parliamentary Candidate also tasted defeat just as he was also defeated three times. There were many instances where the said chairman had secret meetings with the NDC and empowered them to intensify their campaign and reject any attempt by the NPP’s candidate to buy their conscience. The said chairman also joined in propagating a falsehood chieftaincy message against the NPP’s PC. There is a chieftaincy issue in Goi, and owing to the fact that Enice Lasi comes from one side of the families, Chairman Divine connived with the other side to peddle the falsehood that Eunice Lasi would use her office as MP to snatch the stool to her family at Goi. This information, though untrue, was quickly bought into, and widely spread among the people of Goi, hence we could not pull enough votes at Goi, to the extent that we lost at the polling stations which hitherto, were voting for the NPP during the stewardship of Chairman Divine as PC.

One such plans of Mr. Agorhom, according to sources, was that he intentionally planted the Party’s Constituency Organizer to taint the 2020 campaign with bad behaviour and unpalatable utterances that casts slur on the image of the party. It is an open secret that the said Constituency Organizer is a lover of weed, and was always high on some weed during the 2020 election campaign, and this made most of the electorates took him for granted. According to our sources, the party’s organizer, during town hall meetings was not very well composed and his utterances were those of division, and not otherwise. All these behaviour were calculated attempts to solidify the oppressive powers of the regional chairman on the Constituents of Sege for his own parochial gains.

After succeeding in those ploys, the said party’s organizer is now being pushed to wrestle power from the current DCE by the same Divine Agorhom. When he realized that he has lost grips of the region, and his affluence at the Presidency, he is now looking for ways to tarnish the last positive image of the NPP left in the Ada West District. And he is doing this by projecting someone with questionable attitudes to occupy that enviable and prestigious seat in the District. A little background check on the candidate he is projecting, shows that the man has bad relationships with the current District Assembly Members. He openly campaigned against all the Party’s nominees as Presiding Member for the Ada West District Assembly in 2020. For instance, when the Party’s first vice chairman, and Secretary were nominated as PM, Sampson Kpankpa (the party’s Constituency Organizer) openly campaigned against them, and so many of the party’s grassroots members are now questioning his rationale for coming back to work with the same District Assembly he once insulted and called names.

One thing is, therefore, clear that the bringing of Sampson Kpankpa as DCE will rather sink the party into the muddy water, and the grassroots are appealing to the appointment committee to perform due diligence in the appointment of DCE for the Ada West District.

This is the concerns of the grassroots New Patriotic Party (NPP) Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region


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