Honorary Vice President for Policy Think Tank IMANI Africa, Bright Simons has questioned how Achimota School will pay for the appeal against the court ruling on the case with the Rastafarian students.

The board of Achimota School has given a strong indication that it will appeal the ruling by an Accra High Court ordering the school to admit two Rastafarian students which is against the school’s rules and regulation.

But Bright Simons wants to know how the school intends footing the bills of Lawyers who will be defending the school in court especially when there are no internally generated funds at their disposal.

Making this enquiry in a tweet Bright Simons asked “Whose money will be used to pay the lawyers on this legal fishing expedition, especially now that owing to Free SHS all public secondary schools are fully subsidised institutions, meaning the Govt pays for full upkeep? Esp also when the school overrode earlier GES directives”.

Meanwhile, former Deputy Attorney General has said that the Achimota School will be held for contempt of court if they should block the students’ admission.

“As we speak there is no appeal. So, if there is no appeal there is no stay of execution. But if the defeated that is the defendant in the matter decides to file an appeal then you have to file what we call stay of execution and that stay of execution means that the judgment should not be carried out until the appeal is heard.

“If they decide to send the children to school, an intention to appeal is not an appeal so the school cannot reject them. That will be contempt of court.

“But it will be interesting how things pan out  because if they  decide to file an appeal  and file for a stay of execution  when the children are already in school it will be of no effect at all because  at that stage it will be nugatory  because the people are already in school.”

Source: MyNewsGh.com/ 2021