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Which sports betting affiliate programs on 1xBet platform are available


1xBet is a platform that can benefit different kinds of people. On one hand there are the punters, who can take advantage of the extensive library of sports wagering opportunities and online casino games, including their great odds. On the other hand, there are many sports betting affiliate programs on 1xBet platform. The bookmaker is eager to attract new people into these kinds of partnerships that can be beneficial for all parties involved. There are a few kinds of deals available, they include:

  • CPA or click-per-action;
  • rev-share or revenue sharing;
  • hybrid schemes;
  • and customized arrangements as well!

In a CPA kind of deal, the affiliate will get a previously agreed amount every time that someone clicks on the banner and signs up at 1xBet. On the other hand, in a revenue-sharing kind of deal, a fraction of the total revenue obtained by the sportsbook will be given to all partners.

What is expected from the affiliates

The affiliate’s task can be quite simple once the proper kind of partnership has been identified and implemented. Most of the time, affiliates will need to put a banner on the website that they manage or own. This banner, when clicked, will take people to the main 1xBet website. Also, they will be able to sign up immediately if they wish to. In a CPA kind of deal, if a person decides to become a member of the sportsbook, the affiliate will get a fixed amount every time that this takes place.

These banners can be a great source of passive income if properly managed. However, there are a few things that affiliates must do in order to improve their income even more. First of all, it is essential that their website has content related to sports or online casinos. Otherwise, a banner of this kind will be out of place, and reduces the chances that someone will click on it.

Also, normally some minimum activity or performance is expected from everybody taking part in a sports betting affiliate program on platform 1xBet. This means that if the website receives very few or no visitors at all after a while, the deal could probably be terminated. However, it is not something to scare people away. On the contrary, the deals offered by 1xBet are the best in the entire industry. Their conditions are beneficial for affiliates and the revenue tends to be more generous than what other sportsbooks can currently offer. That’s why it is such a great idea to consider becoming part of the 1xBet family as a partner.

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