When I die I’m going straight to heaven; those who doubt God exists are fools

Celebrated Ghanaian businessman Dr.Kofi Amoah says it’s only a fool who says there is no God and because of his belief in God, he is bound for heaven when he dies.

According to him, he believes in the presence of God as an architect behind creation and all happenings.

“…Of course… Any human being who cannot see that there is a spiritual being, there is some architect who is making everything then you are a fool”.

However, he indicated that he does not wear his religion on his shoulders because it’s personal to him and he worships his God in his closet.

He is optimistic that after his death, he will be going straight to heaven.

“I’m going straight to heaven, straight,” he said in an interview with Delay.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/ 2021