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‘What Shows Your Partner Loves You’


The renowned relationship coach made this known in a recent post he made on his official social media handle on Facebook.

The post reads;

Written by Counselor Adofoli
It is said that what is in the heart doesn’t always need to be uttered by the mouth, as a result some people are not able to express their love or affection for someone. They let their actions do the talking and on other hand, there are those who confess their love or how much they love someone yet their action has little to show for that.
How do you know the man or woman you are in a relationship with truly loves you and they are not lying to you or leading you on? What are some simple signs that show your partner truly mean their words, or their actions speak love? It’s not hard to figure out if someone loves us or not. Here are four signs to show.
First, they love to see you. Seeing you is the favorite part of their day and they look for the least opportunity to do that or be with you. They stare at your pictures when they are away from you. They ask you to send them pictures of yourself or want to have a video call with you, etc. They do this not because they are insecure, but because they love you. If you are in a relationship and your partner finds it difficult to see you, or they are not excited about seeing you or making time to meet or visit, you are with someone who does not love you.
Secondly, they love to hear your voice, it doesn’t matter how horrible your voice is, it’s like one of their favorite songs and they don’t get tired of that. Talking to you is effortless, they could spend countless minutes talking to you on anything whether it matters or not, whether it’s serious or not. Many at times, what people call lack of communication is a sign their partner doesn’t love them.
Thirdly, they think of you always, you are always on their mind because they carry a piece of you with them. It doesn’t matter how busy they are, they always remember you and that thought puts smiles on their face. They smile for no reason just by the thought of you. That is how beautiful you are to them. If you are in a relationship where your partner forgets you exist, cannot remember special events and dates, pays no attention to your needs, etc. It’s a clear sign you are with someone who doesn’t love you.
Fourthly, they care for you, they are concerned about you. They are concerned about your well-being, your safety, what you do, what you go through, what matters to you, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, what keeps you worried. They are the first to notice a change in you and that is how much you mean to them. To them, you are the definition of special.
It takes billions of people to make the world but to the one who loves you, you are their world, a billion in one. That is why if they don’t hear from you, they get so much worried, that is why if you are not talking to them, they are so much hurt. That is why little actions of yours can have great impact on their lives. That is why it’s easy for them to change habits, just to see you happy.
That is why it’s easy for them to serve you, it’s fun for them to help you, that’s why it’s not difficult for them to take a risk for you. Because you are their world and worth everything. You deserve everything. They are happy to see you smile and not just that, they want to be the reason behind your smiles.
It’s not difficult to find the one who loves us, as a matter of fact, we are all created with love, to love and be loved. Our job is to find the right person who will love us like how our Creator intended.
In conclusion, “Love never gives up on people. It never stops trusting, never loses hope, and never quits” – 1 Corinthians 13:7 (ERV).”


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