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We’ll Rather Go Hungry than to endorse a Political Party- Dopenation


Award winning Ghanaian music duo Dopenation have underscored that they under no circumstances will endorse one political party over the other.

The duo in an interview with Ato Kwamina Otoo D’Gem on Connect FM in Takoradi explained that their brand represent a nation that cuts through multiple political ideologies, thus taking a stance in politics will have adverse effects.

“First and foremost, we don’t do politics, because our fans are from different sides… we’d rather go hungry that to preach a political party, we are doing music for everybody, we don’t want to be on one side”, they said.

Beyond that, they add that they wouldn’t want to be in a situation where they are unable to comment on national issues because the party they support is the government of the day, alleging that some celebrities took monies from the NPP to campaign in the last election and so are unable to speak up.

“There were a lot of artists who were going in for money to preach for the fact that people had to vote for a political party… the whole vibe is the fact that you put yourself up as an ad for a political party, and now that things are becoming worse, you don’t know whether you should go against the political party or not”, they added explaining that this is a difficulty we’d rather avoid.

Dopenation is currently promoting their first release of 2021, ‘Today’ which video features a plethora of top media personalities based in Accra.

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