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We’ll leak secrets about DCOP Opare Addo if he dares us


Embattled Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, DCOP (Retired) Kwaku Ayesu Opare Addo has warned not to dare members of the defunct Delta Force group or they would be compelled to leak secrets about him.

While accusing him of masterminding the physical attack and the removal of his predecessor, Mr. George Adjei from office under disguise, they claim they have other secrets in their chest and could leak them if he tries their patience.

“He is the person who instigated some of us to get Mr. George Adjei violently removed from the position so that when he assumes the position as security coordinator, he will recruit us to become National Security officer. Which of course, We trusted him and carried out George Adjei’s attack. Opare Addo then succeeded with evil and got an appointment after four Months”, former Director of defunct vigilante group; Delta Force, Mustapha Mohammed Seidu revealed in an interview monitored by

According to Seidu popularly known as Staff, there are a lot of criminalities DCOP Opare Addo clandestinely perpetrated with some of the group members of the Delta Force, pro-vigilante group in the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“We have a lot of secrets to talk about Opare Addo but wouldn’t say it now. He is a criminal and evil. Let him come out and challenge me and I would expose him big time”, Mustapha Mohammed Seidu labelled.

Mustapha Mohammed Seidu there indicated is readiness to meet the former Ashanti Regional Police Commander in court if the latter feels to sue him for defamation of character

“I maintain he is criminal and crook. You know you cannot just say something to defame people and go scot free in Ghana and everything I have said is true and I have evidence to back it. Opare Addo is a disgrace to NPP and as a security coordinator”, Seidu told host during in-studio discussion.


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