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Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, the National Chairman of the NDC has debunked the description of the party as a lame horse incapable of securing electoral victory.

“We had a stronger horse and a stronger rider. The party was strong, the candidate was strong, so the horse was strong and the rider was strong,” Ofosu-Ampofo told Asempa FM on Thursday, April 22

He added that the rider was not able to cross the finish line with the horse because of circumstances beyond the control of the party.

Dan Abodakpi, a former NDC MP for Keta, during a forum organised by the United Cadre Front and other bodies affiliated to the NDC in Tema, described the party as a lame horse incapable of securing electoral victory.

He said any attempt by the leadership of the party at reorganisation must involve curing the lameness of the horse to better position it to lead the party into victory.

Abodakpi had said, “Assuming that you are running a race with a strong horse which has become lame, can you ride the horse to victory? So, it is our collective responsibility to think through the actions that will heal the horse, strengthen the horse so that when we get a rider, however capable that rider is, he will have a very strong horse that will carry him to victory.”

Dan Abodakpi added that unfortunately, the NDC had become what he described as “a huge elephant” standing on clay feet hence the need for the party to revert to its roots and promote participatory democracy at the branch and ward levels.

Source :Sn24news

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