Annica Nsiah-Apau says she and her family do not live their lives to appease their social media fans.

The wife of Okyeame Kwame explained that they live a happy life normally and whatever of that life gets filmed is what the media gets to see.

She said this to correct the notion that her family is life other celebrities family lives who pretend to be happy just for the media.

There is no point in living a fake social media life because the person would still suffer the effect of unhappiness in real life she stated.

According to her, entertainers don’t have to fake life to the media a some of them like her husband are very good family men.

Okyeame Kwame is a family man and although their family is not a perfect one, their life as displayed in pictures and videos on social media is nothing far from the truth she explained.

“When I gave birth to my son, Okyeame Kwame started posting occasionally and it became a regular thing. I started getting lots of direct messages from Facebook users back then asking if our family and marriage was that fun,”

“People faced so many problems in their marriages and relationships and others said they had never experienced happiness in their relationships and kept wondering if what we had was true.”

This she said while speaking to Y107.9FM’s Brown Berry on the Ryse N Shyne show.

“It is okay for you not to air your dirty laundry publicly but it is totally absurd to fake a lifestyle you’re not living in public.” She continued.

She and her husband have recently launched a book titled ‘Love Locked Down’.

The inspiration to write the book came from when they realised that many other people struggle in their marriages not to talk of entertainers and their families.

In the book, they attempt to answer questions about combining fame and marriage by chronicling their experiences, love journey and proffering solutions to some marital and relationship issues.

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