We Date Over 6 Men Just To Survive And We Sleep With 3 In A Day To Make Money For Wig And Food – Radio Presenter Nana Adwoa Boldly Reveals – Pinax News

Some female radio moderators in the country have uncovered awful accounts of how they lay down with men for cash to get by in this country.

Nana Adwoa Annan during an appearance on Neat Fm uncovered everything about how women like herself need to date over 5 men all at once. They additionally now and again figure out how to lay down with 3 men in a single day all in the mission of bringing in cash just to survive.

As per Nana Adwoa, the system is excessively hot and women are bringing in just peanuts as salary adding that they need to purchase dress pleasantly for their positions, put fuel in their vehicles and put food on their tables.

What’s more, now and again they need to get money for their folks or wiped out relatives. She added that in those days women were glad to date one man yet nowadays on the off chance that you need to survive, then you need to sleep around.

Checkout the video below for the full gist;