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“We attended to Moesha immediately we got hold of the video of her suicide attempt but unfortunately she is no longer with us” Revelation church finally breaks silence


In an Official Post released by the church of Revelation which is founder by Pastor Gabriel and also the church Moesha Buduong attended when she repented has dropped her a statement after Ghanaians called them out and blamed them for Moesha’s current situation.

Moesha Buduong who now goes by the name Maurecia was captured in a video a couple of days ago looking very dirty after she was saved by certain residents when she tried to commit suicide

According to the church in a statement posted on their Instagram page, they revealed that Moesha got the necessary help immediately the video surfaced online but her family finally came to a decision to take her back home (Sisala), They also revealed Moesha never gave them any of her properties as people are speculating .

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