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Water Is Life; My Vision Is To Help My Constituents Get Portable Water – Dr. Minta Nyarku


Cape Coast, 5th August, 2021, The provision and management of water resources in Ghana has been the sole responsibility of the Government of Ghana.

This responsibility has been very difficult for government to be able to meet up the growing demands of water by the ever growing population in Ghana.

Non-Governmental Organizations as well as some corporate bodies have contributed to making portable water available to some inhabitants across the country as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

In 2014, it is reported that Ghana recorded the renewable freshwater resources per capita at 1131.

Basically due to growing populations and our constant exploitation of the precious water resource available to meet our fundamental needs have engendered and corrupted the potential use of freshwater resources.

The quality of groundwater and surface water resources keeps worsening mainly due to soaring levels of pollution from waste, pesticides used in agriculture, chemicals from mining “galamsey” (illegal mining), leachate from chemical fertilisers, and use of chemicals in fishing coupled with rapid population growth have entirely left Ghana’s water resources unmanageable (Yeleliere, Cobbina, Duwiejuah, 2018).

As result of the above, governments over the years have heavily invested in different kinds of water resources including boreholes, community water systems etc in order to provide clean, portable water to Ghanaians.

Due to inadequate provision of water resources across the length and breadth of the country, there is pressure on the limited water sources provided. As a result, some of the boreholes already provided have been malfunctioning for some time and needs urgent repair works.

It is against this background, that the Member of Parliament for Cape Coast North Constituency, Dr. Kwamena Minta Nyarku has started a project dubbed “Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”.

Under this project, four communities within his constituency have had their boreholes repaired and restored to functionality.

The beneficiary communities and the number of boreholes repaired are Akaikrom-1, Mempeasem-2, Efutu Kokwado-2 and Ansapatu-1. In all six boreholes have been repaired within the Cape Coast North Constituency.

The Cape Coast North MP underscored the fact that, “Water is an indispensable resource and the unavailability of such a resource to some of my constituents is a headache for me. These repair works have been undertaken with mine own resources since the MP share of the Common Fund is not yet in”.

Ragga as he is known popularly reiterated the fact that, he knows it’s the central governments responsibility to provide portable water to all but this is his contribution to his constituents while they wait for government’s major intervention in solving water problems in his constituency.

He added, culture of maintenance is a problem and hopes the beneficiary communities of his initiative would take very good care of the boreholes in order to ensure the supply of quality water for them at all times. He further hinted that plans are underway to ensure that some communities within his constituency would benefit from mechanized solar powered boreholes.

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