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WATCH: Murdered Woman’s Daughter Narrates How She Narrowly Survived Gweru Shooting Horror


Murdered Woman’s Daughter Narrates How She Narrowly Survived Gweru Shooting Horror

Peter Dube: The car dealer allegedly killed two people and seriously injured two other people in a deadly shooting last week. A third victim has since died while the fourth is battling for her life at the Gweru Provincial Hospital.


The teenage daughter of one of the women who was shot in the horrific Gweru shooting last week has revealed how she personally witnessed the tragedy and how she was almost shot together with her cousin.

The 16-year-old teenager is the daughter of the late Nyaradzo Nharingo. 34-year-old Nyaradzo died on Friday afternoon at Gweru Provincial Hospital. Her sister Nyasha is still battling for her life at the same hospital after her husband, Peter Dube, shot her twice in the head.


The 35-year-old car dealer went on a murderous rampage in which he shot 4 people last week. While the Nharingo sisters initially survived the shooting with critical injuries, two other people died on the spot.

Nyasha’s best friend Gamuchirai Mudungwe Shoko (30) and her boyfriend Shelton Chimhango suffered fatal wounds and died on the spot. Nyaradzo later succumbed to her injuries within hours of the shooting.

Nyaradzo’s traumatized daughter, Tadiwanashe Nharingo, revealed that she was initially held hostage by Dube before the shooting. The polygamous car dealer is said to have been so incensed when he learned that his wife and sister-in-law together with Gamuchirai and Shelton had travelled to Masvingo together without informing him, to collect Nyaradzo’s passport.


Gweru Shooting Victims: From Left, Nyaradzo Nharingo (34), Nyasha Nharingo (31) and Gamuchirai Mudungwe Shoko (30)


He is alleged to have held his son, five-year-old Nyasha Brendon Dube and Nyaradzo’s daughter, Tadiwanashe, hostage while he waited for their mothers to return.

In an interview with Central Radio in the aftermath of the shooting, Tadiwanashe revealed that Dube had pointed his gun and threatened to shoot her and Brandon. She said that they were saved by Gamuchirai, who shouted at Dube to leave the kids alone. Unfortunately,  Gamuchirai got shot for her troubles, instead, and died on the spot.

You can watch an excerpt of the interview below,



In the interview, Tadiwanashe said,

“As he pointed the gun at his son and obviously me because the boy was on my lap, aunt’s friend, Gamuchirai, shouted and screamed at him asking why he wanted to kill his son and me, and that is when he turned the gun on Gamuchiraai and shot her.

“Thereafter, he pursued my mothers, Nyasha and Nyaradzo inside the flat while I ran away with the boy. I then heard two gunshots inside the flat …” she said

The police have since launched a manhunt for the murderous businessman who has been on the run since he committed the heinous shooting in Gweru.


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