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Viral Heartbroken KNUST Student, Sammy Gets Bounced Again On Date Rush As He Continues To Search For Love


Remember Sammy, The KNUST student who went viral some months ago after he was ditched by his fiancee?

If you do, then brace yourself up for another news involving him once again as he has once again gotten bounced.

This time, he got bounced on national TV as he appeared on TV3’s relationship and love-finding program, Date Rush.

He appeared on the show as he continued with his search for love after he was ditched by his fiancee, Nana Ama.

The news surrounding his break-up story with Nana Ama is that he ‘cheated’ on her with another lady and it was his own friends who snitched on him to his fiancee.

Several videos of him crying like a baby went viral and during the moment, a new phrase, ‘THE PAST IS NOT THE PRESENT’ was coined.

He begged Nana Ama even on national TV, however, this didn’t make any difference as Nana Ama had some other plans already.

When he appeared, all the ladies were interested him until the moment it gotten to the time he visibly showed interest in one of the ladies to the point that he rubbished a lady who also expressed interest in him.

Many social media users have shared their thoughts about his situation. Read some of the comments below;


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