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Villagers Use Their Mothers For Money Rituals Just To Buy A Camry- Prophet Kofi Oduro Fires


The founder and leader of Accra based Alabaster Church International, Prophet Kofi Oduro has fired people who uses their family members for money rituals.

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The renowned ‘Man of God’ and radio evangelist stated should he ever engage himself in that act of money rituals, he will really spend the money on buy luxurious cars and even a private jet and expensive things for himself.

He fired those who uses their family members especially their mothers for money rituals just to buy a ‘cheap’ car like Toyota Camry tagging them as ‘Villagers’.

Delivering his sermons on Okay FM, he stated he could buy some luxurious cars like Bugatti, all types of Rolls Royce, private jet etc and will spend the money to the extend that, the fetish priest who did the rituals will regret.

Watch the video below;

Prophet Kofi Oduro is best known for his aggressive style of approach in his preaching and known as one of the few ‘Men of God’ who will say the truth no matter the circumstances or the situation.

He recently fired the government of Ghana with the approach it has taken in resolving the current power outages crisis in the country.

He stated the government his failed the people and Ghana and as a whole as the country continues to have power crisis in this modern era.

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