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Video Of Netizens Struggling To Survive After The Heavy Down Pour In Adabraka


A viral video of youngsters trying as much as possible to save people’s lives after the heavy downpour of rain causing flood on 4th July 2022 has caused stirs online

In a recent development, the rainy situation in the country has intensified as its the season of the year

This time, in addition to the regular flood-prone areas taking a beating from the rain, strong winds also toppled trees that had been planted alongside several of the main streets in the city, creating severe traffic, especially during the evening rush hours.

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The situation has affected the people of Adabakra to the extent of moving people away from their own rooms.

Adabraka, one of the renowned flood-prone neighborhoods, had just about recovered from a similar severe downpour last week when it was once again forced to deal with flooded roads and properties.

A video of youngsters trying to help their family members to survive the flood has caused stirs online

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