Video Of A Government Ambulance Being Used As A Cement Loading Vehicle Causes Uproar

We have chanced upon a video that captured the moment a government ambulance was being used as a cement loading vehicle.

The video was captured on UTV and after finding its way online, many Ghanaians have shared their opinions about it.

One thing we are finding it hard to contemplate is how the person had the authority to use the vehicle for such unwarranted purposes without any fear of being questioned.

Watch the video below;

The video has caused some uproar and below are some of the reactions are;

@Gen_Buhari_ – This is what we’ve been talking about, the citizens must fix themselves first. See how stupidly they’re using government’s hard earned ambulances meant for the sick

@cobby_nelson – This cement bags will be in this ambulance and be doing wow wow wow to escape traffic #FixTheCountryNow

@sekedupri – Oh Ghana, how can the government fix the country when we the citizens can’t fix ourselves .Too bad

@quamechris – S3 y3 is s3 bibinii agyimi a, you might think we don’t respect. How do we blame the Government if our attitude looks shitty? Just look does this make sense, if we calling the government to #FixTheCountryNow we must also #Fixourattitude Goddammit

@BrainsDaFellow – Is it rocket science to know that both systems and the individuals have to be fixed. Why must #fixthecountry #fixurself even be a debate in the first place? Fixing the country automatically fixes the citizens and vice versa. The two can not be mutually exclusive and independent

@Nanarey_123 – Some people are so sick in the head that no medication can cure them. I mean how can u load an ambulance, which is supposed to carry sick persons, with Cement?

@xcalibar209 – Every human got a devilish intent…if laws are not enforced enough they shall put such intent into motion….that’s why #FixTheCountry and the people will fix themselves automatically…that’s why parents or guardians will fix you first and you shall fix yourself with such guide

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