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[VIDEO] ‘I Have Slept With Over 30 Guys, You Can’t Approach Me When You Are Broke, I’ll Bounce You’ – Bella Of DateRush Says


She made this revelation while speaking to Xandy Kamel in an interview and according to her, he is really an expensive lady.

According to her, Bella of DateRush revealed that she is an expensive girl and currently, her body count is more than 30.

She said;

” I wake up, dress up and spend a lot on myself to look good. How do you expect me to date you when you can’t afford to keep up with my lifestyle? I don’t date broke men and I don’t even bother myself chatting with them. I’ll just cut you off.

I started sleeping with men at an early stage and the ones I slept with just last year will be more than 10.”

Meanwhile, another Date Rush participant, Ruby has revealed two things that motivate her in life and make her happy.

She made this known in her interview with SVTV Africa and according to her, two things that make her happy in life are money and s.ex.

In the interview, she said;

”I don’t feel okay when I don’t have money. I get moody as well. Also, good sex. Sometimes when you mention sex people tend to think you’re bad but it is not that. It is important and it makes you feel good and relaxed.”

Speaking about people she can date and people she can’t date, she said;

”I can’t date a student or a guy who just started working. It must be a guy who must have worked for a while, has a car, home don’t can be comfortable.”


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