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Veteran actor narrates how Nollywood, enemies almost killed him


Nollywood veteran actor, Chiwetalu Agu has revealed how some unknown persons in his industry and enemies attempted to kill him.

The 65-year-old actor shared details of his ordeal on his official Instagram handle when he posted some inanimate objects which he said a prophet retrieved from his body.

They included stones, bullets, sand, cowries, pellets, a pocket-size mirror, and a minor rusty gold key.

Justifying the reason for the video he tagged as his testimony, he wrote, “we live in bad times, this was how they tried as much as they could to eliminate me, but God said No, it’s not my time yet.”

“The movie industry is hazardous, and you could be creating enemies who are your friends in real life without your knowledge. The world is a dangerous place. This is my Testimony.”


Mr Agu, a staunch supporter of the proscribed separatist group, IPOB, is not the first Nollywood star to raise the alarm about his colleagues and enemies in the industry who wanted him dead.

Mr Ibu, in an interview with Premium Times on March 30, revealed how his ‘village people’ poisoned him twice.

Unlike Ibu, who was hospitalised in Abuja, Mr Agu did not share details of his health condition.

In addition to Ibu and Mr Agu, some Nollywood actresses like Halima Abubakar and Tonto Dikeh, at different times, revealed what they described as the sinister nature of their colleagues in the movie industry.

Diabolic arrows

The actor, whom the State Security Service (SSS) arrested in October 2021 for wearing Biafran flag regalia, alleged that some ‘evil people’ have resorted to using satanic weapons to cut short his life.

Mr Agu displayed some inanimate objects allegedly removed from his body in the video, including cowries, pins, bullets, stones, a mirror, and a minor key.

Further explaining some of the items, he said, “the prophet who brought these out from my body, we were discussing the key and I asked since it was retrieved from my chest, and heart region, were they planning to kill me?”

“When we saw this mirror, we were calculating that the enemies have sent this mirror to show them what was still holding Chiwetalu alive. All these are the handwork of the enemy. But the truth of the matter is once you are with God, nobody can harm you.”

Mr Agu also stated that he often saw himself five feet under the ground while asleep. However, according to the actor, he called on God and was ‘‘sent back into the world”.

The veteran actor claimed this is not the first time he has been attacked by ‘the enemies. The actor recounted that he had suffered a similar fate two years ago.

Who could the enemies be?

The comic actor’s usage of specific language slang, phrases, or clichés in films made him a household name in Nigeria and among Nollywood admirers abroad.

According to the actor, the love and admiration he enjoys could have been one of the possible reasons why his “enemies have attacked him”.

He also claimed that because he was the only actor that provided the best comic relief while acting, the feat prompted his ‘enemies’ to come after his life.

“If the numerous jobs I get is the problem, you can’t stop it. The global community entertainment industry believes I am doing it well. I think I am the only actor in the world that creates the biggest comic relief in acting, and I have been searching the entertainment industry, especially acting,” he stated.

“I have not found it easy to see some other person who creates such laughter by acting as I do. Maybe it was their trigger, maybe not, but in all, I am doing, I have been able to do my homework even in small projects; that’s what makes me unique,” the actor said.

Mr Agu also warned his ‘enemies’ that they should repent from all their ‘evil ways’ and stop the use of diabolical charms in an attempt to cut short his life.

“These arrows, I pity you and your senders, the leader of one group died the moment they removed these objects from my body, and I know all of them. The other members are now like walking corpses. I know all of them,” he warned.

Mr Agu, who has enjoyed a flourishing acting career for over 41 years, claimed that he has featured in over 2003 movies since he began his career in 1981.

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