Vendor Bites Off Woman’s Lips Over ‘pure Water’

A grocery vendor in Nigeria has allegedly bitten off a lady’s lip during a fight that erupted after the lady complained of the price of her sachet water.

According to the victim, Bamiduro Olayinka, the vendor had insisted that her sachet water, popularly known as pure water, is 20 pesewas instead of the regular 15.

The victim confessed she redirected a friend to another shop to buy her water after repeating her complaint, unaware of the presence of the vendor’s daughter.

“I didn’t know that her child was within earshot and overheard my conversation with my neighbour. He went to tell his mum, she and her two children came to confront me. It all started like a joke but before I knew what was happening we were in a heated argument and the three of them started beating me up. As if that was not enough, they started biting me all over my body. The woman bit my lips so hard until it cut off.”

The victim was rushed to the hospital, but she stated a day after, her lips started to decay and eventually fell off.

She added that doctors prescribed natural healing method or surgery to fill up the bitten space.

The suspect was arrested but she was released after spending a night at the police station.


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