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Three-year-old burnt to death in fire incident at Tikrom


A three-year-old girl has burnt to death in a house fire at Tikrom in the Ejisu-Municipality of the Ashanti Region.

The incident happened Tuesday dawn when a 21-bedroom compound house caught fire, an incident suspected to be arson.

The landlady and grandmother of the victim, narrating the incident to Adom News, stated that she heard footsteps in and around their home, but she was too sleepy to check the area.

She said shortly after, she heard screams, notifying her of thick black smoke covering the whole environment, and had to rush out.

However, after realising her granddaughter was still trapped, she said she reentered into the blazing room, but she fell unconscious before she could reach the bedroom.

Residents indicated that rescuers rushed to evacuate her, but could not locate the little girl until the fire service successfully quenched the fire after five failed efforts.


The charred body of the child was found under the bed.

Meanwhile, the fire destroyed property in the 21 rooms, leaving inhabitants stranded.

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