The Only Way To Win In This Life Is To Give And Take

Singer Dencia has claimed that the only way to win in life is to give and take as she gives examples and instances to justify her claims of ‘give and take’.

According to Dencia, the only way to win in this life is to give and take therefore if you give something to people it should be in exchange for something else from them as well as even pastors have figured that out.

Dencia using pastors as an example said they give their members hope that manner will fall from heaven for them and the members give them the little manner that they have worked for and so it is when it comes to the business world.

Dencia also drew our attention to the fact that the business world is also in the give and take business as Bitcoin Ponzi schemes give their customers hope of getting dollars and their customers in return give them the little dollar they have.

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Dencia’s narration and instances all justify her claims but we sometimes forget about the fact that life is not always about giving something in exchange for something and if that happens to be the case then what will happen to the less privileged in society.

We believe Dencia herself sometimes helps people without expecting anything from there and her narration and instance are very perfect when it comes to business as now some pastors have turned their churches into a business center.

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