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TG Plays; Bio, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, YouTube Gaming Career »


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Andre Rebelo, professionally known as TypicalGamer or TG Plays was born on 23rd March, 1992 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a Canadian by nationality and his zodiac sign is Aries. He also has a brother whose name is Billy Rebelo.

According to sources, it was his brother, Billy who suggested to him the name of his YouTube channel ‘Typical Gamer’. The famous YouTuber had not yet shared any further information about his parents or family. He hasn’t also revealed anything about his childhood or educational history.

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TG Plays Height

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Andre Rebelo stands at a height of about 6 feet and is also recorded to have a weight of about 80kg. Thebfamiys YouTuber has not yet shared anything about his actual body measurements and other relevant information about his body. However, he has brown hair and a beautiful set of dark-brown eyes.


TG Plays Relationship

Samara Redway and her boyfriend, TG Plays

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The famous YouTuber is in a romantic relationship with his beautiful girlfriend Samara Redway. Samara Redway is also a popular YouTuber who posts video content on her channel just like her boyfriend.

Her videos go around makeup, fashion, and general vlogs. Typical Gamer announced his relationship with Samara Redway by uploading videos like The Whisper Challenge With My Girlfriend!!’ and ‘TOUCH MY BODY CHALLENGE!!’

It is revealed that, the couple started their relationship on 6th October, 2015 after spending about 2 to 3 months knowing each other. They moved their friendship to a different level and started a strong relationship that everyone is wishing the couple get married probably soon.


TG Plays YouTube

TG Plays started his YouTube journey on 24th August, 2008 with the famous game Red Dead Redemption. He has managed to upload a number of videos on his channel. Aside from Red Dead Redemption, he began playing and uploading videos like Call of Duty: Black Ops, Assassin’s Creed 3, Halo 4, Minecraft, and Mob of the Dead.

In the year 2013, he moved his gaming attention to GTA5 and was much successful on that side. He increased in subscribers and number of views. After he realised his videos were gaining much attention, he started to stay consistent to explore more games.

Also, he started to explore both multiplayer and singleplayer modes, rumours, and facts, and also collaborated with other top pros in gaming on YouTube.

Some of TG Plays’ videos with the most views are FORTNITE *SEASON 11* LIVE EVENT!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)’, ‘GTA 5 Zombie Apocalypse Mod #1 – BEGINNING OF THE END!! (GTA 5 Mods)’, ‘ARK: Survival Evolved – SNIPER RIFLE HUNTING DINOSAURS! (ARK: Survival Evolved Gameplay)’, ‘CRACKING SAFES & ROBBING HOUSES!!’, ‘GTA 5 Mods – JURASSIC WORLD w/ T-REX ATTACK MOD!! GTA 5 T-Rex Mod Gameplay!’, ‘PRISON BREAK & ESCAPE!!’, and among others.

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TG Plays Net Worth

TG Plays
Famous YouTube Gamer, TG Plays

This famous YouTuber has an estimated net worth of about $8million. He has made this huge sum of money from multiple sources. Currently, we are bound to believe that, Typical Gamer’s main source of income is through his YouTube channel. His gaming videos fetches him a lot of money.

What Is The Name Of TG Plays?

The popular YouTuber’s real name is Andre Rebelo.

How Old Is TG Plays?

Andre Rebelo is 30 years of age as of 2022. He was born on 23rd March, 1992.

Summary Profile

Name: Andre Rebelo

Also Known As: Typical Gamer, TG Plays

Date of Birth: 23rd March, 1992

Age: 30 years of age as of 2022

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Career: YouTuber

Net Worth: $8million

Girlfriend: Samara Redway

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