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Telling People About Your Plans Can Jeopardize It, Learn To Keep Quiet (A Must Read) – Thriller News GH


Each one of us has been setting goals ever since we were a kid and it fascinates me how people, especially the youth go about telling their friends and peers about their future plans and goals.

Well I do not really blame them as only a few actually know the implications of letting people know your plans.

One reason I am sharing this great information is that I have spent a lot of time around Tertiary students, and graduates who are typically at the front end of their career paths.

Most students begin or start to commit themselves to a course of study or a career that will be interesting, fulfilling and successful in the near future.

Is not all that bad to share your plans but if you think that the best way to ensure your success is to announce it to the world then you are wrong. I repeat you are wrong!

According to a research I conducted personally, telling your family or close friends of your intentions may not be such a good idea.

During my research I came across a masterpiece that argued that important goals like pursuing a career path involve a commitment to an identity goal.

Identity goals are goals that ultimately influence a person’s concept of who they are. Careers choices are one kind of identity goal, but committing to a hobby, to being a good parent, or to taking on a volunteer or charity position may also be identity goals.

The masterpiece suggested that, if you share your goals the probability that you may work hard towards is is very low, thus instead of sharing your plans, just work hard and achieve them before you let everyone know about it.

And I totally agreed with their suggestions because I am of a believe that one should be silent about his or her goals until accomplished. I don’t think that you need to announce to the world as soon as you set a goal.

In our part of the world we may have a lot of family members and friends but that we can not hide things from, but when it comes to your plans it’s better to keep that thought to yourself.

Yes whoever is reading this just know that not everyone is a well-wisher, not everyone wants you to succeed before them.

Whiles you’re telling someone about your plans or some serious move, they might not be happy for you all because of jealousy due to the fact that your goals could be mindblowing for them and might even show them a mirror highlighting their incompetence and flaws.

Some of these people even go the extra mile to sabotage your effort just so you could fail woefully like their miserable selves.

And oh they almost get sucessful with their plans to sabotage you. That’s the sad irony of life. Your enemies always get ahead unless you are prayerful and careful about your uterances.

When they succeed in destroying your plans, you begin to ask yourself what went wrong.

Even if you’re progressing, they’d either make you feel like you’re not progressing at all or way too less than you should be.

Such people could derail your progress even before it starts. Since your goals are still in development, stay away from people who can bring you down.

You are probably wondering about how do identify such people and how to stay away from them.

Try not to share your ideas with people who do not have any plans of bettering themselves.

* Also never share your plans with people who sees fault in everything you do, such people tend to criticize everthing you do. They are poinsonous stay away from them.

* People who always think they should be the ones always in a comfortable lead, these people always get jealous when they see you make plans to improve yourself. They never want you to get ahead in life over them so they will do everything to sabotage your plans if you tell them.

You can always do the following without sharing your plans:

* Write down your plans.

* Analyse them critically, encourage yourself that you can do it and work hard towards it.

In a nutshell, do not destroy you future or plans by trumpeting it, instead stay low-key, work hard in silence and let your success make all the noise.

By: Akrasi Bridget|Thriller News

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