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Susan The Boss Reveals Top Secret- Claims Moesha Buduong Has HIV


Moesha Boduong’s pain may be about to become even worse than she could have imagined when Akuapem Poloo’s longtime friend Susan the Boss delivers a shocker on her regarding the former buddy.

Susan has made a shocking accusation against Moesha, which can only be important in the current as a result of her timing.

Susan asserts that Moesha Boduong is infected with HIV, and there is no other way to put it than bluntly.

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Susan believes that all of Moesha’s present trauma is the result of her being HIV + and not even being able to cope with the situation well.

She made her shocking disclosure in a remark on a Nigerian site, which went viral.

Susan rushed into the comments thread of the footage of Moesha looking miserable and preaching on the streets after it was uploaded, and she shared her grim discovery with the rest of the world.

She wrote and as as a caption,

“She has HIV now,”

See post below:

In response to another person’s question about her confidence in what she is saying, she responded with surprise that the other didn’t know, suggesting that it was common knowledge.

Susan had been a close friend of Poloo’s, but she was said to have betrayed her for an unexplained cause, according to reports.

The next day, she changed her story and said Poloo was the one who uploaded the video. The following is what she has to offer after spending some time away from the spotlight.

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Take Moesha’s allegation with a grain of salt since her problem has prompted a slew of attention seekers to come out with their own claims to get a taste of the spotlight.


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