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Sulley Muntari in serious trouble; sued for over €97,320 » GhBase•com™


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A businessman from Italy, known as Rodrigo Renato Gianno, has filed a lawsuit against Ghanaian player Sulley Ali Muntari at the High Court in Accra according to Ghanasoccernet.

According to the lawsuit, the player owes him a sum of €97,320, which he has failed to pay, citing his lack of financial means.

As a result, he is seeking the court to order the player to reimburse him for all of his money.

According to reports, Rodrigo Renato Gianno claimed that the former Black Stars footballer hired him to arrange and pay for a variety of flight tickets and hotel accommodations for himself, his family, and friends between 2015 and 2017 while playing for the Black Stars.

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After finishing the job for Muntari, he refused to reimburse him [the businessman] for the money he had spent on the expenses of doing business.

According to the newspaper, “Gianno thinks that all of the checks written by the player to pay the required sums were all rejected by the financial institutions.”

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According to the writ of Rodrigo Renato Gianno, when Sulley Ali Muntari was confronted with the debt, he accepted it and told the merchant that he would pay it.

In 2019, the businessman claimed that he had not yet received money from Muntari, despite having filed a lawsuit against the player in the Court of Milan and won.

The effect of this is that he [the businessman] is requesting that the High Court rule that he [the businessman] is entitled to the money owed to him, plus interest and general damages for contract breach.

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