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Subscribe to my YouTube so I can cash out


Former Television personality Nana Abena Korkor Addo has revealed her challenge in applying for formal jobs considering her past experiences.

According to her, the stigma she has suffered in her life as a result of her condition scares her to apply for a job.

She said because she did not plan on leaving TV3 anytime soon she has nothing to do but is scared of applying for a formal job.

The former television personality is pleading with the general public to subscribe to her Abena Korkor TV so she can be able to monetize her channel and make some money to keep body and soul together.

“There’s no need to front and there’s no need to act like I have it all together, no I don’t have it all together. Recently I lost my job and it wasn’t something that I had prior notice that my contract is expired and I had to get a new job, I was just taken off so I really didn’t have a plan. Even though the salary was not so big to take care of everything in my life, it was a sustainable income that I was using to take care of myself.

To be frank with you, the stigma is real, I’ve been scared to apply for any formal job even though I have a good certificate, capable, I’m not ready to apply for a formal job yet so I will be doing the youtube and I want you people to subscribe so that I can have a premium channel so that people can advertise on my channel so that will be some source of income for me.”

Source: MyNewsGh.com/ 2021

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