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Stop your attacks on Parliament because without us Military will take over Ghana and you won’t like it


Akyem Swedru Member of Parliament (MP) Kennedy Osei Nyarko says Ghanaians should respect their Members of Parliament.

According to him, Ghanaians don’t seem to know the essence of Parliament but it’s its existence that has avoided Military takeover of the country.

To him, there is a need for the people of Ghana to realize that if Parliament fails, the country in itself will fail.

His comments come on the back of the government securing loans for Parliamentarians to secure for themselves cars for their work.

A section of the public is shocked that during these trying periods, the government could secure loans for cars for MPs when the country is struggling to get back to its feet.

His post shared on Facebook read “In the absence of parliament is military rule so we must be careful with what we are asking for. Parliament is the only institution left to serve as a stopgap between the state and the people so we must accord it with some decorum because if parliament fails everything in this country will also fail. Parliament is the bastion of our democracy and that’s all we have as country to protect our fragile democracy. We should therefore minimizes the bastardization of the institution. We might not see the importance of parliament today until we are caught in the web”.

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