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Standoff at BOST Snr Staff CBA negotiations as Provencal’s poodle walks out on Union Executives


A three-day Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations between the Senior staff of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company (BOST) and the company’s management at Aqua Safari over the weekends came to a standstill after the General Manager Human Resource, Augustine Appiah, a poodle of the Managing Director Edwin Provencal, stormed out of the meeting.

Mr. Augustine Appiah who was contracted as an HR consultant for BOST but managed to get himself appointed into the company as General Manager for Human Resources called the bluff of the Senior Staff of the company during the very important meeting which outcome could affect the morale of BOST staff across the country.

A former employee of Vodafone Ghana, Mr. Appiah worked as an associate with the new BOST MD Edwin Provencal who managed to scheme his ally on BOST payroll as a General Manager.

In the meeting with BOST Senior Staff details of which have been intercepted by, Mr. Augustine Appiah got angry when the staff resisted his imposition of unfavourable conditions on the- conditions which show Edwin Provencaal’s misapplication of common sense in team management, sources say.

A proposal that sent tongues wagging at BOST is the subtle attempt to reclassify the designation of a Senior Staff according to the grading scheme in the company.

BOST has not received positive news reportage in the past few years and many staff fear the posture of the new GM HR  is likely to bring back issues of the company into the front pages again after Provencaal spent resources paying off media and Civil Society Organizations as his seat is shaky.

The botched negotiations with BOST Senior Staff were either you “take-what-we-have-for-you-or-leave-it” kind of negotiations is reminiscent of the incompetent leadership style at the company recently.

This portal is monitoring this development closely and will keep our readers posted.

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