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Stacey Amaoteng Reacts To Rumour That Dr. Kwaku Oteng Ch0ps Her


Media personality Stacey Amoateng has reacted too Adu Safowaa’s allegation that Dr.Kwaku Oteng ch0ps her at the blind side of her husband.

She reacted with a cryptic message she shared on social media handle during the early hours of 13th May 2021.

According to Stacey if Adu Safowaa doesn’t take care she will support Akua blindly and end up being the fool in the end.

According to her Akua always try her best to play the victim by making people to believe that she is the innocent one and that has made Safowaa to throw her support for her blindly.

”If you don’t take care you will become a fool by supporting those who victimize their fellows and play the victim. Such people are very dangerous because they know how to talk, how to cry and act to convince people for sympathy. But remember tomorrow is Always Pregnant.. Togo Borga this is deep. Thanks for sharing. Medaase bebree in Daddy Lumba’s voice.

Indirectly she is trying to tell Safowaa to stop following Akua blindly because she might later regret it.




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