Spend time with ‘hustling’ Ghanaians before scheming to create, loot and share

Vice President of policy think tank, Imani Africa, Selorm Branttie has advised politicians to spend some time with ordinary Ghanaians struggling to make out a living before scheming to enrich themselves at their( the ordinary Ghanaians) expense, arguing that their conscience may be pricked to not take advantage of these struggling Ghanaians.

Mr Branttie noted that persons on social media ( Facebook) throwing about macroeconomic theories are saved from the daily harsh realities of the ordinary Ghanaian who has to go throw thick and thin just to get by, adding that politicians who think they have done a lot for the country must spend some time with these ordinary folks.

“All of us sitting on our high horses on Facebook pontificating wild macroeconomic theories are nicely insulated from the real Ghana. The one where people haggle over a difference of GHC1, where people are convinced on the new type of tomato paste to buy, where hair creams are discussed based on the pocket, where we bend down and buy 3rd selection oburoni wawu, and asaana and lamougin are hawked to thirsty people.

The politicians who think they have done something aaa ma… They should spend an hour here in these places incognito before they scheme on the next million to create loot and share. These are the people they are betraying. Maybe their conscience will be pricked a little bit,” he wrote on Facebook.

His comments come at a time many are calling on the political leadership to fix the country so that economic hardship can be reduced. The country has lost millions of dollars over the years due to the deliberate action or inaction of Politicians.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/2021