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“Sometime I shed tears when I am alone in my room because I have been renting for 8 years whiles my ex wife enjoys in my 7 bedroom East Legon Mansion” Odartey Lamptey reveals


Former Black Star Player Odartey Lamptey has revealed that ever since he divorced his ex wife Gloria Appiah, he has been renting while she enjoys in his 7 bedroom east legon mansion in addition to the 4 bedroom Mansion he gave her during their divorce.

His ex wife has been trying to gain ownership of his east Legon 7 bedroom mansion even since their messy divorce after a DNA test proved that the 3 kids he has with her were not his and that she has been cheating on him for 19 years.

As Alimony of their divorce, Odartey Lamptey gave his ex wife a whopping Ghc200,000, 2 cars and his 4 bedroom mansion at Dome but as Greedy as she is, she has appeal for ownership for his 7bedroom mansion.

Reacting to this Odartey Lamptey claim he has been renting while his ex wife enjoy in his mansion and that he will do ever thing possible to evict her because he now has a family of his own.


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