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Someday Nigeria Will Heal – Annie Idibia Says As She Celebrates Freedom In SA


Actress Annie Idibia is full of hope as she celebrates freedom in South Africa encouraging Nigerians to have hope saying Nigeria will also heal someday just like South Africa.

Today being Independence day for South Africans, Annie Idibia took to her social media to celebrate and also give hope to Nigerians that someday the country will be free just as freedom has come to South Africa.

What is happening in Nigeria now is an eye saw and the leaders of the country seem to have taken the people for granted and aren’t doing anything about the killings of their Citizens neither are they saying anything about it.

Now the only thing Nigerians need is hope and faith to keep on moving that someday it will heal just as South Africa has been healed and that is what Annie Idibia is trying to give her people after-all their leaders are now deadbeats and as if they aren’t concerned with all that’s going on.

She really enjoyed herself looking at the videos and photos she shared on her page and also took the opportunity to encourage Nigerians and shared her hopes with them saying the country will also heal someday.

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