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Some Suggested Solutions To Foster Unity In The NPP


Fixing the broken pieces of a precious jewellery is not as easy, however breaking it up either intentionally out of mischief, or inadvertently is very easy.

It always requires a master artificer with a dexterous hand to carefully put broken jewellery together, and in many cases to invigorate it to be much stronger, and look more admirable even than before. Once the pieces are available to crafty hands, and the required fixing materials are available, it makes the job easy, though time-consuming.

This write up is a sequel to the essay on NPP unity published on 2nd May, 2020.

Having identified the reality of the causes of disappointment in the hearts and minds of people who identify themselves with the NPP culminating in their developed disaffection and apathy towards the Party, as a political family, we can deal with our family disputes amicably, where the nocent persons involved have candidly and earnestly conceded their faults and misdeeds committed.

Acceptance of fault and apologising have always been a universal panacea for peacemaking, forgiveness and a way forward to reconciliation in any dispute resolution.

Acceptance of guilt, even when the perpetrator of the mischief has been caught red-handed, by reason of the fact that it is always shameful and disgraceful to commit breach of trust, being pinpointed to have committed an unethical act is always hard to accept, though inwardly, the conscience of wrongdoers makes guilt obvious.

Human as we are, no one is infallible, however, political office holders need to inculcate a habit and conduct of self-sacrifice to be able to serve the public. This is what earns them the titles of Excellency, implying excellence of character as a leader, and Honourable, a person to be highly respected and revered for dedicated public service.

Our Excellencies and Honourables unfortunately do not live up to the expected standard of their titles, so this is what makes the public feel righteously indignant, and therefore contemptuous of their authority.
It is obvious that our opponents, the NDC are going to capitalise on the failures and misdeeds of our leaders during their campaign, particularly those of the President and his Ministers, as well as the NPP executives. We therefore have to preempt them in stating the truth of all faults and unfortunate circumstances about us that have characterised our government, and thereby convince our teeming disaffected followers and floating voters that in spite of our faults, we are much better than the NDC, but only that it is only Akufo-Addo who has made a bad image of the NPP, however, our ideals remain extant and implementable after his term of office is over.

The celebrated ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, in his theses on politics has rightly expressed that it takes a good deal of experience and selflessness to be a politician. Hence since the young are always inclined to follow their passion, particularly to amass wealth and property, it becomes difficult for them to adjust themselves to be selfless when they enter into active politics without having ever toiled and fully established themselves. The likelihood open to them is to be corrupt to satisfy their passion. This is what we’re experiencing today, as corruption has enveloped our country, particularly our gerents.

The problem confronting all Ghanaian political parties, and most particularly my own NPP is that, there’s a notion that politics is a gold mine, and the surest and quickest way to become super rich in the shortest possible time.

This notwithstanding, we saw in the image, attributes, and credentials of our leader, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as a super strict incorruptible disciplinarian, albeit being sham and a made-up political propaganda. He claimed that he who would not brook and mischievous misconduct of any of his appointees to our applause. These attributes are what heralded him into office as President amid pump and pageantry, only to regret sooner than later, with a manifestation that he’s *not* what he claimed to be.

The people are not just peeved, they are very angry, but as stated in paragraph three above, as a political family, and like any family in dispute, there’s always enough room for forgiveness if the truth of a matter is unreservedly expressed. This makes reconciliation for oneness and unity become easier to negotiate. Anything short of truth-telling aggravates and flares anger.

These pleadings can definitely be done but neither by the national, regional, nor constituency executives, because all of them are equally guilty of what is bringing the Party to its knees. Secondly, they cannot be candid in accepting their faults before the aggrieved NPP followers and Ghanaians. Therefore, the suggested group of people who can plead on behalf of the greedy culprits, from the President to the constituency executives and indeed the Party are the rejected and neglected ward executives and the foot soldiers who do the hardest work to invoke the spirit of victory for the Party.
The bare truth must be told to the Party people and Ghanaians through the wards into the villages and hamlets. The blame for the abysmal performance in the administration must be levelled against one and only one person, the President Akufo-Addo, and they must pledge turning a fresh new blank leaf with a fresh hope that, there’s a lucid light at the end of this Akufo-Addo regime’s tunnel. Unreserved expression of the truth of the failure of the Akufo-Addo administration, culminating in such a disappointment in the people is the one and only way that will save the Party from disintegrating, and can bring about its resurrection to a fresh cemented unity, then, winning the next 2024 elections can be highly possible.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa of The Secretariat Of The United Party Tradition Committee

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