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“Some Of The People Who Signed The Anti-gay Law Are Gay Themselves” Bolu Okupe Knocks Nigerian Leaders- See Video.


 Bolu Okupe, the son of former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe has taken a swipe at African leaders particularly Nigerian leaders who supported and signed the Anti-gay law.

Recall that Bolu came out as gay few days ago and his father who was an aide to Goodluck Jonathan when the Anti-gay law was passed in 2014 said that his son was facing a spiritual challenge.

Bolu has come out to say that some  of those who signed the law prohibiting the practice of homosexuality are actually gays themselves.  He said this during an IG Live with his followers ononday night, January 25.

In his words;

“The thing is even with their whole fourteen years law, I bet you for a fact that some people who are signing that law or voting on that law are gay themselves, it just ridiculous, if you are looking at this you know statistically….

He also revealed that he doesn’t care about the negative comments or DMs he getz. He also addressed women who are fond of sending in negative comments, according to him, they need to be fighting for the rights of gay men because a lot of them are married to gay men.

Bolu also took a swipe at Christians who say homosexuality is a sin, he opined that they always commit adultery and fornication but they never see it as a sin.

See video below;



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