Society must accept the competence of women

Former Upper East Regional Minister, Tangoba Abayage is making a stronger case for women’s involvement in decision-making towards nation-building.

According to the outspoken former Minister, though women have progressed in the fight for equity in the past years, there was the need for society to fully know and accept that women are competent in all facets of live.

Madam Abayage who was contributing to a panel discussion on A1 Radio on the topic: Women in leadership and politics, the challenges and way monitored by, noted that women have been subjected to public ridicule and attacks in their attempts to assume leadership positions which should be shunned in order to make the society better.

She indicated that despite the painful challenges women go through in the Ghanaian society, she is very proud of being a woman.

“Even if I’m coming back, I love being a woman I don’t ever want to be a man. I want to be a woman; I want to be a strong woman that will let society know that a woman can do what exactly God created her to do” she said.

She added that “We have men who are weakling, we have men who are cowards, we have men who can’t do anything and then we have women who are strong, we have women who are stronger than men. Society just must accept to them and know that we need this kind of balance to make society beautiful. Society will have to support them, parents will have to support their children whether they are female or male. Let them balance the gender role”