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Social Media Roast Shatta Wale Alive On His Posts About The #FixTheCountry Protest


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Recall Shatta Wale since yesterday has been posting about the #FixTheCountry protest urging the youth to desist from engaging the police and the military on the streets as the protest is getting bloodier.

He also slammed those posting and encouraging the youth to get on the streets and demonstrate on social media with their big English and long essays to also get on the streets and join the protest rather than protesting online.

Shatta Wale among several posts on Facebook started describing the protesters as ‘unemployed graduates’ who has nothing to do but to engage in politics.

Most Ghanaians on social media didn’t take these comments from the ‘Kill Them With Prayer’ hitmaker and has taken to Twitter to express their disappointment in the musician making him trend as number one on the site.

Check out some of the comments;

[email protected]·2hShatta Wale made a song for End Sars but he’s out here rubbishing this Fix the country protest and telling us to Fix ourselves. The most confused and inconsistent artist in Ghana right now. Any nonsense for clout.

Dr. Sneaker Nyame(Best Shoe Plug)@SneakerNyame_·1hYou Shatta Wale about 80% of Ghanaians download your songs from “Ghanamotion and other downloading websites”. Don’t you know if the country is fixed, more people will use streaming app to listen to your music? You woke up on suffering Sunny Wednesday in Ghana to type nonsense.

ADOFO ASA ™@_adofoasa__·2hIn some years to come, Nobody will regard Shatta Wale as an artist in Ghana.

[email protected]_marcoli_boy·1hBut all jokes aside Education good ooo eii see how Shatta Wale dey disgrace en body in public like that

Kobby Founda@Founda_·3hThere’s absolutely no sense in what Shatta Wale said on Facebook this morning but once again, I’ll choose that over a silent Sarkodie.

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SOURCE: GhGossip.com

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